Recognising organisations that value equality and/or have developed a diverse workforce

You will be able to demonstrate how you have developed a diverse and inclusive workforce and the impact it had on your business in terms of equality and employability. This could be through initiatives that address an identified gap or inequality in the workforce, demonstrating how you assisted an under- represented population. This could be attracting and retaining talent through pre-employment programmes, apprenticeships, traineeships, internships or specific development programmes for particular minority/under-represented groups. Other initiatives include strategies relating to flexibility, eldercare, gender, race, age, sexual and disability equality.

What are the judges looking for?

  • A clear rationale for the activity and area of focus
  • Evidence of how you have engaged people in initiatives
  • Clear evidence of the impact and value at a people and business level

A submission can be made by an organisation or you may wish to make a joint submission to showcase a successful business partnership with a key supplier.

What have previous winners done?

Previous winners have identified an organisational gap or opportunity to improve diversity and structured an engaging and inclusive campaign to improve the position.