Recognising innovative HR&D initiatives that improve health and wellness in their organisation

You will be able to show how a health and wellness initiative has been innovative/ unique and how it has created a clear, measurable return on investment. Evidence of how and where you have used input from health and wellness specialist sources and providers to inform or support a successful initiative, showing how you have used external thinking to shape your activity.

What are the judges looking for?

  • Clear rationale for the health and wellness activity or initiative
  • Demonstrate how this is a unique or innovative approach
  • Demonstrate a clear link between health and wellness initiatives and business objectives
  • Clear evidence of the impact and value at a people and business level

A submission can be made by an organisation or you may wish to make a joint submission to showcase a successful business partnership with a key supplier.

What have previous winners done?

Previous winners have demonstrated how business knowledge and insight have been utilised to inform health and wellness activities. Winners have also clearly positioned the importance of health and wellness at a strategic level and have demonstrated the impact on business performance and people outcomes.