Recognising a successful Organisational Development (OD) project that delivered an outcome which improved business performance.

You will be able to demonstrate how a project, developed based on quality OD practice, has improved an area of people practice which is clearly linked to business priorities. This could include employee engagement, cultural change, people change, digital transformation or new organisational frameworks and practices. You will also be able to evidence how your HR&D team has worked collaboratively to deliver the project and how you engaged your stakeholders, and the impact it had on business performance or outcomes.

What are the judges looking for?

  • A clear rationale for the project
  • Demonstrate the value and pivotal role played by HR&D in delivering the programme
  • Effective planning and management of both process and people
  • Clear evidence of the impact and value at a people and business level

A submission can be made by an organisation or you may wish to make a joint submission to showcase a successful business partnership with a key supplier.

What have previous winners done?

Previous winners in our change and engagement categories have implemented people change activities built on respect and employee input and have used a wide range of tools and social media to create improved engagement by ensuring all employees have a voice.