Recognising successful development programmes that have positively impacted on organisational or people performance, or culture.

You will be able to demonstrate how the programme has used research, data and insight to help the organisation to achieve its goals. Critically you will be able to evidence two aspects:

  • How you have partnered with the organisation to clarify what they are trying to achieve and diagnose the underlying issues, challenges and opportunities
  • How you have used innovative engagement and learning approaches to develop and involve people across the organisation in the project

What are the judges looking for?

  • A clear rationale for the project based on organisational and people needs
  • Effective approach from OD practitioners for the overall project and engagement/enablement of the people throughout the organisation
  • Clear evidence of the impact and value at a people and organisational level

A submission can be made by an organisation or you may wish to make a joint submission to showcase a successful business partnership with a key supplier.